dr.Edvinas Meškys was born on the 10th of April 1985 in Klaipėda, Lithuania. He graduated Vladas Jurgutis Secondary School in Palanga on 2004 and continued his studies in the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University.

Yesterday a dream, today a target, tomorrow reality.

Valiūnas Ellex _ Edvinas photo
On 2009 he achieved a Master‘s degree in Social Science with the Master thesis on the topic „Notarųprofesinės civilinės atsakomybės draudimo ypatumai“ (The Pecularities of the of Professional Civil Liability Insurance of the Notaries), which was highly influenced of the experience gained during Erasmus exchange program (LL.M.) in Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany in 2007 – 2008, European summer law school on „Solidarity in the EU“ in Vilnius, Lithuania, international scientific moot court program in Deusto Univeristy in Bilbao, Spain and scientific conference in Frankfurt, Germany in 2009.
Edvinas Meškys was a PhD student of Vilnius University Faculty of Law, Department of Private Law during the period of 2010 – 2015. He started taking interest in research biobanks during his master of law studies at Vilnius University Faculty of Law. He developed an expertise in the field during the work as one of the legal advisors for the Draft of Law on Biomedical research ethics, which had to implement the regulation of the research biobanks in Lithuania.

Scientific activity of Edvinas Meskys during the PhD studies:

Edvinas Meškys has also been a visiting lecturer at Taras Sevcenko University (Ukraine) and an expert in the European Commission‘s Symposium „Biobanks and biomedical collections. An ethical framework for future research“ (France) in 2012. The PhD student has also hosted the conference, organized with various Lithuanian institutions, called „Biobanks – is Lithuania ready for them?“ in 2012, participated in the discussion panel regarding the biobanking in the Life Science Baltic conference in 2014, where he also had a possibility to meet one of the most experienced experts in the field of research biobanks.



Since 2009 he has published in the fields of liability of the notaries in Lithuania, competition law, contract law, biobanking and bioethics and pharma law as well as gave numerous legal comments on various commercial law and international law aspects, such as the implementation of unified contract laws in the EU law, labelling of the food and medicine, counterfeit products and etc.


In 2009, after a traineeship at attorney‘s office Edvinas Meškys continued its legal practice in three on of the biggest law companies in the Baltics (Raidla, Lejens & Norcous; VARUL and LAWIN law firms).


Starting from 2012, Edvinas is also a Head of Legal department for the Baltics in the subsidiary company of one of the biggest pharmaceutical company group – TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries. During the years of 2011 – 2013 he has been a hosting lecturer at International School of Business (TVM), Vilnius University Faculty of Law and a few Lithuanian’ colleges in the fields of commercial law and contracts’ drafting.
Current research interests of Edvinas Meškys include biobanking and bioethics, pharma law, biotechnologies, gambling sector and main commercial law practice.